Your experience, designed.

Here in DreamBox, our premise is this: every organization creates experiences and the experiences you generate are every bit as important as the quality of care you provide. Maybe even more so. Shouldn't they be designed as carefully?

Our practice of experience design blends research, environmental psychology and design principles to build holistic, sensory-based experiences that are intended to create well-being for your customers or patients, practitioners or employees. Our purpose is to connect you with their hearts and minds because each and every connection you create has the opportunity to create value for your organization.

How do we do it? Very collaboratively. What we design together is the direct result of what we'll discover about the emotional, rational and functional needs of those you serve. Our solutions range from the tangible to the intangible, and are engineered to translate your experience insights into actionable ideas, and places, to facilitate each moment of connection. Because in the end, as we all know, it's the moments that matter.